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What is Health Kinesiology/Natural Bioenergetics?

HK is a unique healing system, which combines the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine with the modern technique of muscle testing.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten

Anthony Robbins

Mentoring for all those fighting cancer

Mentoring for all those fighting cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is a terrifying experience (well it was for me!). We all react to this form of trauma in a different way.When I was first diagnosed everyone was so wonderful, putting me in touch with other people who had similar fights, sending me books...

I support people while they help themselves

I support people while they help themselves

I support people while they help themselvesIf you continue to travel the same path you will continue to end up in the same place. Making a one degree difference here and now will change the direction of the road you are travelling which means you end up in a different...


to change your mood, raise your vibration, balance your energy, heal your mind and body and so much more.

Gratitude really is the answer to everything. Try saying THANK YOU for three or more things before you get out of bed, when you brush your teeth, in the shower, when you are walking, every time you wash your hands and again in the evening when you are getting ready for bed and before falling asleep. I promise you that after 24 hours you will notice a mood change and after 3 days you will notice you have more energy and sleep better. Try it and see. Don’t think too hard about what you are grateful for, it can be as simple as the sunshine or the birdsong.

My Specialities

Health Kinesiology/Natural Bioenergetics deals with the subconscious and removes blockages from the body so that the body can heal and help itself. It works on every level; physical, mental, psychological and spiritual.

My Specialities

★ Boosting Immune System  ★ Food Allergies & Intolerances ★ Allergies

★ Fears & Phobias ★ Anxiety & Stress ★ Physical Aches & Pains

★ Unknown Illnesses ★ Circulatory issues ★ Chronic Fatigue ★ Autoimmune Illnesses

★ Depression ★Reaching your goals ★ Improve Relationships

★ Digestive problems ★ Trauma ★ Complementing Cancer Treatment




















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