Mentoring for all those fighting cancer

by Jan 3, 2020Healing

Being diagnosed with cancer is a terrifying experience (well it was for me!). We all react to this form of trauma in a different way.

When I was first diagnosed everyone was so wonderful, putting me in touch with other people who had similar fights, sending me books and articles, recommending different research etc. I looked at everything. I didn’t read all the books as there were so many but I flicked through them and read the chapters that interested me. I regularly saw my Health Kinesiology Teacher and one of my examiners who practiced The Emotion Code and Body Code Energy.

Looking back at this time, what I really needed was one person to take me through everything, from start to finish. This is why I have used my experience, knowledge and know how to create a one stop shop and all round support service for anyone on a similar path. I used dozens of ‘little things’ to allow my mind and body to become an awesome cancer fighting machine which very much included taking my oncologists medicine and making it more powerful and less toxic.

I aim to give my clients the support they need as well as directing them to help themselves in their wish to send cancer on its way completely and permanently.

We discuss and muscle test (finding out what the body wants) the best diet to make the body the most unfriendly place for cancer to live.

I introduce to the body all the chemotherapy drugs (I have an energy test kit for over 60 drugs used in chemotherapy) that they will be given by the oncologist thus allowing the body to recognise, tolerate and accept the drugs.

We discuss and muscle test positive visualisations and mantras.

I introduce them to water only fasting for use around chemotherapy sessions to reduce the side affects from chemotherapy as well as aiding the body to use its immune system to fight the cancer alongside the chemotherapy.

I help them lower their heavy metal levels.

I work with the body to remove all stress – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I introduce them to the attitude of gratitude and positivity.

I work with them to remove any side affects, before they become troublesome, of the chemotherapy and other drugs.

I teach them to take control of their health and their healing and many other small but powerful modalities.

Please ring me if you want to find out more about how I can help you or a loved one.