I have always been a devoted believer that the body knows what it needs and will try in various – both subtle and extreme – ways to let us know. I am also aware that we have lost the ability, or lack the subtlety of ear, to listen to it. When it was first suggested to me to visit Sarah Hopkins I was in the grip of a period of fatigue that seemed like it might have no end. I was not myself. I woke up daily feeling as if I had been hit by a train, despite having more than my normal requirements of sleep. I had a deep bodily heavy tiredness combined with a feeling of shaking inside. Normal light exercise left me exhausted. I didn’t understand it. I heard the cry of my body to “stop”; I did stop but it clearly wanted something more. Sarah, through the unintelligible and uncanny art of muscle testing issued revelations and I felt my body shudder and respond to her questions – as though she removed my ego from the equation and had direct communication with my bodily self. The answer came back from my body that it wanted four sessions to restore itself to vitality. Sarah left me at the end of each session with different recommendations, which I carried out even without sometimes understanding their import. Words were suggested during the sessions for my mind to mull over and let go of; magnets were used to released trapped, unnecessary energies. I couldn’t tell you what exactly how it happened but I was restored to vitality and recovered my energetic self – which I had feared losing forever. Now, Sarah’s recommendations often float through my mind and I feel as if I have tools lest this ever happen again. When I hear of friends who are ill, In the ways that escape conventional medical diagnosis, I will advise them to consult Sarah’s wisdom – they will doubtless be astonished by her calm, practical and loving approach to her work; and the results will speak for themselves. 



“I found Sarah to be an extremely warm and soothing healer, with a very maternal and caring energy. She practices confidently, and explained her procedures to a level that suited me. She also gave very clear advice on diet and supplements, with additional excercises to try afterwards; as well as directing me to new reading materials and videos.
Our main therapeutic goal was to improve my energy levels, and that started immediately. I liked that we worked with my existing medication, rather than any inclination to stop it. At the same time, I gained new perspectives and insights through our discussions ranging from purely medical topics to emotional, cognitive and alternative. She taught me so much about gratitude and healing. Having her arm alongside was a tonic in itself.
I always felt completely relaxed and safe with Sarah.”

Paul Ryan

“Booked some sessions with Sarah after experiencing infertility and baby loss. Upon working with her, i knew I could trust her implicitly and could feel that her work was getting to core issues within my body. I would feel lighter and more grounded after our sessions and more balanced in the following weeks. To my delight, a few months after our sessions I not only fell pregnant but carried my baby full term finally giving birth to my first healthy baby this year. I’m forever grateful to sarah for her incredible work and for helping to change my life in the most wonderful way.”



“I came to you to improve my immune system as I have had antibiotics for chest infection and more, every winter for over 12 years. Last September and November, I had 2 HK sessions and although I still had the usual cold / virus, MY IMMUNE SYSTEM managed to fight them off, so I was antibiotic free for the first time in 12 years! Thank you so much Sarah, you’re amazing!”



“There feels to be a massive shift inside. I am less jittery and eager to please everyone, I have a sense of calm. I am not overthinking everything to perfection and have a feeling of self worth which I have not felt before without feeling embarrassed or conceited. I have a sense of belonging. Honestly Sarah, I really can’t put into words how grateful I am. You’re a real natural at this!”



“A million thanks: I approached Sarah when I needed to process & move forward from feelings of reduced motivation, self-doubt, fears & insecurities that I noticed arising at the same time each year. Despite having worked with this same issue before over many years, with different modalities & practitioners, the issue was back which was very frustrating for me as I’d put so much investment of time & money into resolving the issue. Sarah resolved it in one session! I loved working with Sarah she is warm, friendly, insightful & genuinely cares. I felt very safe & comfortable with her from the outset. She took time to understand the issue & took me back to the origin of the issue. The next day I felt lighter & brighter & much happier with life & have been firing on all cylinders since the intervention. I’m hugely grateful for this release & my newfound feelings of connection & purpose. I recommend Sarah highly.”


“I literally do not know where to start. One and a half months ago, I went to see Sarah feeling totally exhausted and bone weary tired. I was unable to do any of the things I love and was seriously struggling at work. She asked me to go back to my Dr and get a blood test for EBV (Epstein Barr Virus). This I did and the results confirmed that, unknown to me, I had apparently had Glandular Fever at some point and that I was suffering from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). The Doctor told me that CFS can last years and that there was no cure other than rest. He also suggested I look into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help me mentally deal with the fact that my life would change dramatically. My life literally felt like it was turned upside down. I went straight back to Sarah who enlightened me and said she could help me heal myself as well as supporting, encouraging and healing my body with HK during the process. I am now 3 weeks into a healing cleanse that she encouraged me to partake in, and with one week to go – I can confirm I feel a dramatic difference. I have much more energy and am feeling so positive, in fact more positive than I have felt in a long time (1-2 years). At our third meeting, Sarah told me that following the cleanse, providing I continue to stick to specific foods to kill off the EBV as well as removing the ones that feed it, I should be rid of the Virus by the end of September (3 weeks post cleanse). I truly believe this will be the case, when I look back on how far I have already come. I honestly couldn’t be more grateful to Sarah, she has truly transformed my life and I would hate to imagine where I would be without her.

Thank you so much!!”


“When looking for help for my 7 year old daughter with her anxiety and anger issues , I was a little apprehensive of how she would react to having HK . I needn’t have worried, from the moment Sarah introduced herself my daughter felt completely at ease . HK has been fantastic for my daughter and she absolutely loved meeting Sarah at each session. As a parent I could not have asked for anymore ,… thank you so much Sarah for being our superstar xx”



“Dear Sarah,

I am not sure how to write a testimonial of your work. I will express my thoughts and you can rearrange the words if you like. Also I am not sure when I started HK.

After trying more conventional therapies that did not work, I decided to try HK with Sarah. I must admit that I was a bit suspect about alternative therapies; however, HK has proven to be so beneficial.

I can only describe my condition as a blockage that prevented me from doing everything that brought happiness into my life. Through Sarah’s patience and HK techniques, those blockages have been released. In addition, Sarah also enlightens you with simple words of wisdom that helps carry you through the day and makes you focus on the blessings in your life rather than the negative thoughts.

Thank you for making me feel better.”


“I have had issues with peppers, chillies and spicy food in general since I was 18. They would make me very unwell with lasting effects for days. After seeking help from Sarah I can now eat them freely again. It is wonderful to not have to worry about eating something that will make me ill and has opened up a whole new range of foods to experience.

Thank you so much Sarah.”


“I honestly can’t thank you enough for the sessions you have spent sorting out my anxiety. I came to you not being able to breathe, think, sleep or talk. I am now more confident than ever and feel alive and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Thank you!!”