The Heal Documentary

by Jul 31, 2019Healing

I discovered this on The Heal Documentary (Netflix) very shortly after diagnosis and I used it in my daily life for the duration of my treatment. The list is made up of the nine things that cancer survivors and thrivers all have in common when they became cancer free after having a stage 4 terminal diagnosis. I did not have a stage 4 terminal diagnosis but I believe that if you are fighting to win its best to use all the tools at your disposal.
Radically Changing your Diet: I had already given up sugar, flour and alcohol for over 5 months so I was ahead of the game (I did drink a large amount of red wine after I was told that I had Triple Negative Breast Cancer but that allowed a total, blubbing break down which I think was very normal and healthy). I tried vegan and really didnt feel happy on it. In the end I gave up dairy and eggs (That will be another blog) and reduced red meat to once a week. I ate fish and chicken and felt happy.
Taking Control of Your Health: Whilst I was lucky enough to have the most amazing oncologist I did not hand my body/life to him on a plate. I used all my skills as well as many other peoples to find out how I could create the healthiest environment for the chemotherapy to have the biggest impact on the cancer and the least impact on my body and life. Fasting around chemotherapy sessions, cannabis oil, Energy sessions and many more (separate blogs to follow)
Following Your Intuition: So many wonderful people told me about so many wonderful things and some felt so right that I followed them up and others just didnt resonate with me at all.
Using Herbs and Supplements: I didnt do that much of this but I did use a herbal tea, called Smooth Move to keep me regular! I currently drink a lot of Organic Echinacea Tea to support my lymph system whilst it gently clears away the toxins left behind by the treatments I have received over the last year.
Releasing Suppressed Emotions: My Health Kinesiology and energy therapist did many a session on me where she removed trapped emotions, some inherited. The technique is called the Emotion Code and she is also certified in the Body Code and many other energy techniques, several of which I also use as a qualified Health Kinesiologist Therapist.
Increasing Positive Emotions: I wrote down 3 or more gratitudes daily and spent most of my time using the mantra ‘thank you for my healing’. If something went wrong I would thank God, the Universe, Angels, Nature and ask them to help me make it to go right and it worked.
Embracing Social Support: I have never felt so loved. People sent me notes, messages, letters, cards, emails, flowers, presents, boxes of presents. People I did not know well came to see me or spent time with me and every chemo session one of my girl friends would come and sit with me for the 4+ hours it took to complete. This was a very special time. My HK group did a healing session weekly, led by Elsa. My yoga group arrived 10 minutes early for every session to say prayers for my healing and every Friday throughout the summer, when I couldn’t attend yoga, they came for coffee and prayers.
Deepening Your Spiritual Connection: I have always believed in God and go to church as and when I can (it helps that we live next door). I had a deep spiritual moment (not a white light one but it felt just as profound) during my MRI scan on the first day of diagnosis (this story will be a whole other blog). I also believe in the Universe and its power of attraction (this came about from watching the Secret DVD) and I was introduced to Angel Healing Cards and Oracle cards by India and Elsa during July.
Have a Strong Reason for Living: I have the strongest reasons to live. I have the best life, the best husband, the best children, the best family, the most amazing friends. I live in the most beautiful of houses with a garden that resembles heaven and I want for nothing and there is no way I am giving any of them up!! My dream (and visualisation) is to be walking amongst the trees/woods I plant with my husband surrounded by our great grandchildren. I also feel very strongly that I was sent the experiences of the last 12 months so that I can help others who may be going through similar or other difficult situations (more about this in the MRI story).