How I can get rid of your allergies

by Jul 31, 2019Healing

Allergies and Health Kinesiology

There are lots of methods around which can tell you if you are allergic to certain foods/drinks/potions/lotions. With Health Kinesiology we can go further. We can help your body recognise these previously stressful substances and raise the tolerance so that in time (sometimes immediately) you can start eating and/or using these previously forbidden goods.

I, personally, have had success with hay fever, allergy to horses, allergy to pesticides and gluten and sugar intolerances. One of my HK learning buddies has had a 100% success rate with someone who is allergic to nuts (anaphylactic). He is now eating certain nuts. This has taken a year of monthly HK sessions.

The way our corrections work are like this: Some foods and substances (the energy of) are not recognised by the body so when they are introduced via nose, mouth, skin the body reacts in shock thus causing an allergic reaction. Sometimes this reaction is so small that it is not noticeable but it is stressing the body. Sometimes it is major and results in anaphylactic shock.

Its a bit like having a burglar knock down the door of your house. You would scream and try and run away (flight fight body response) which would flood your body with cortisol. We already have too much cortisol in our bodies due to our stressful lives. I believe that this is one of the reasons so many people have allergies these days. With HK we allow your body to recognise the energy of the substance so that in the future when it comes along your body will not be shocked into a fight flight response. We also raise the tolerance level so that it can tolerate more of the substance. There is usually a ‘cooling off’ period before the client can eat/drink/be exposed to the substance but afterwards they should have no problems from the substance that causes the allergy. This correction can work very well for people who suffer from hay fever, asthma, celiac, anaphylactic reactions and food intolerances.

One of the first things we learnt in HK was how to do an Allergy Tap which helps people who are having an allergy reaction. I keep the instructions on my telephone and have never used them until this autumn. I was involved in an incident, when someone who is very allergic to wasps stings, had been stung multiple times and did not have their epi pen close at hand. Whilst someone went to get the pen I tapped the points used in the allergy tap. This stopped the reaction until the epi pen arrived.


If you are having an allergic reaction try doing the following:

  • Tap your upper chest in an anti clockwise direction about 4 times

  • Tap between the inner edge of your eye on your nose

  • Tap just below the inner end of the collar bone

  • Tap just below the ball of the foot, in the center

  • Tap the outside of the little toe at the base of the nail

  • Tap the bottom of the eye socket under the pupils

  • Tap the outside of the 2nd toe at the base of the nail

  • Tap the inside of the big toe at the base of the nail

  • Tap the side of your chest under your pits – on the bra line


Tap about 6 to 8 times. If you are doing it on someone else, get them to help by tapping the points on the upper body while you tap the points on the feet. Keep going until the reaction has subsided or other help has arrived.